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Naeem Mahmood: Uncovering the Secrets to Peak Performance

CREATiON Companies facilitator Naeem Mahmood is a world-renowned speaker and peak performance coach. He previously worked for Tony Robbins and has delivered more than 2,000 talks and trainings on the psychology of peak performance across the United States impacting over 100,000 lives.

He advises and consults with Fortune 500 companies, executives, and entrepreneurs in the areas of leadership, organizational behavior, psychology of achievement, and sales mastery. Naeem has advised some of the world's top organizations including SoFi, The US Army, Salesforce, Equinox, University of Alabama, Randstad Technologies, Northwestern Medicine, Bristlecone, and JP Morgan.

We recently sat down with Naeem for a short discussion on his approach to facilitation.

Q: What experience do you bring to your role as a professional facilitator?

Naeem: After my time working with funds on Wallstreet and tech startups in Silicon Valley, I went on to become one of five National Speakers and Corporate Trainers for Tony Robbins. My natural passion for people made my work advising and consulting with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers, and sales professionals a perfect fit for five years. I love helping clients move past their blocks and develop peak performance strategies to unleash their full potential.

Q: What makes a great meeting or retreat?

Naeem: Environment is key to a successful retreat. If there is an opportunity to be in nature all the better. An awesome space for high energy, experiential activity gives groups the opportunity to connect with themselves and each other. It is important to create bespoke agendas — complete with physical activities — to facilitate the goals of the workshop. A playful and lighthearted atmosphere encourages people to use their voices and express themselves. Establishing trust and identifying core foundational pillars help participants refresh their mindset and engage on a different level.

Q. How does having an outside facilitator help a meeting or retreat?

Naeem: A trained outside facilitator at the helm of the meeting provides a crucial third-party perspective. A skilled professional can have a huge impact and offer a framework for objective accountability. The job of the facilitator is to hold space for the collective while providing a path towards breaking through the limiting stories that may be blocking an individual’s journey to the next level of heart-centered leadership.

Q: Tell us about a hobby or life experience that has made you a better facilitator?

Naeem: I think my time playing college basketball had an impact on my current work as an Advisor, Trainer, and Group Facilitator. Team sports at any level establish the importance of working together towards an established goal.


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