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2022: The Year of Resilience

We’re all ready to reconnect. Sporting events and concerts are drawing sell-out crowds once again. Flights are filling up, schools have reopened, and corporations are cautiously rolling out flexwork policies for 2022. We all understand that hybrid work is here to stay — at least for another year.

But as companies grapple with aligning the day-to-day in-office time and space, it’s also important for business leaders to start planning strategic, in-person meetings for the year ahead.

Reinvest in People

Any CEO who decentralized senior teams during the pandemic and still thinks offsites aren’t needed to rebuild, or preserve, corporate culture is in danger of deteriorating morale, eroding skillsets and failing to retain top talent. Beyond reconnecting, 2022 is the year to build grit and resilience.

Bringing Teams back to the office is Step One, but planning dedicated, purposeful time and space to truly refocus and reconnect in-person is critical to overall employee satisfaction and organizational success.

Offsites emphasize the value you place on integral team members and their insights, experiences and creativity. Retreats create unqiue opportunities to reunite teams to:

  • Rebuild culture

  • Reignite camaraderie

  • Refocus on inclusivity

  • Recommunicate core values

  • Revitalize teamwork

  • Renew morale

  • Recalibrate strategic planning

  • Reinvest in one another

Reinvent Executive Offsites

The CREATiON Companies believe space, place and purpose are essential components in the cultivation of inspiration. CREATiON’s world-class team delivers professional facilitation customized to meet your organization’s specific goals and needs.

Combining extraordinary resources, compelling content, innovative design, take-home value and deep Team engagement, we curate experiences for CEOs, C-suites and boards to achieve personal, professional and organizational goals.

Our destinations are designed to foster reflection, refine focus, spark creativity and align leadership. At every point of connection, from state-of-the-art chef’s kitchens, to tranquil, natural settings, and top technology, your team experiences five-star amenities in a secluded, intimate setting.


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